Our design approach is to narrate the journey of a soldier through the built mass. The key idea was to evoke a feeling of gratitude and respect among the visitors by taking them on a walk through a soldier’s life. Different phases of his life are symbolized through various architectural elements.

The national war memorial is sited at one of the most prominent location: the Raj path axis that links the India gate and connects it visually with the Rashtrapati Bhawan. This axis is taken as the focal element and the entire design is moulded around it.

To preserve the historic view the memorial is recessed into the landscape, thereby minimizing the impact on existing structure. Since the sun sets toward the India gate, an open air pavilion is designed to render a mesmerizing viewpoint during evening. The pavilion is an amalgamation of art and nature united together put in the service of the memoirs. The material palette of India gate has been replicated in design so that the memorial seems as an extended part of this illustrious monument.

National War Memorial

  • Competition
  • Location : New Delhi
  • 2016