Set in the city of rich culture and heritage, the Jaipur Habitat Centre, emerges from the earth, creating a visual comfort for the visitor at first sight. The concept was to create truthful and honest spaces using sustainable vernacular materials.

The streets of Jaipur have always been the most vibrant and dynamic part of public spaces. This concept has been used to derive the form and circulation paths through the building resulting in the creation of multi-functional spaces. Hence the Centre serves as a catalyst for a synergetic relationship between individuals and institutions working in diverse habitat related areas.

To combat the harsh climatic conditions, Jaali walls, louvers, water bodies and overhangs are introduced which reduce heat and sunlight, while allowing wind movement. The courts and double height spaces, allow unhindered flow and circulation of air through the building.

Jaipur habitat centre

  • Competition
  • Location : Jaipur
  • 2012