The aim is to understand the various aspects of Bangalore and create a unique identity for the International centre by amalgamating spaces for collective and cultural activities. It is a conscious attempt to create aesthetically pleasant and emotionally attached spaces.

The site has a park on the southern side; the idea was to create a built form that looks like an extension of the park. The concept of peeling off the park plane and take it through the structure is to create multi-functional and multi-dimensional spaces. This elevated ground plane forms terrace gardens and interactive spaces at various levels. The facades are treated with green stacking trays bringing nature within.

In this project, constraints have been turned into opportunities. One of the adjacent sides of the site faces the nallah. The thought was to revitalize the nallah using the natural system of purification which would in turn function as a clean water channel flowing along the site thus, all the spaces are opened up to face the nallah.

This project is an attempt to blur the relationship between the building and the site.

Bangalore International Centre

  • Competition
  • Location : Bengaluru
  • 2015