This House is illustrative of serenity, where a busy urban site has been transformed into an intimate living space. The design responds primarily to context by retaining the existing tree and bringing its essence inside. An impression of a tree house is created by floating the balcony against this tree. The cantilevered balcony thus, creates a free flowing space below that occasionally turns into a gathering space. The expression of the tree is carried into the interiors in the form of colourful leaves of the skylight casting artistic shadows in the backdrop of the floating staircase. This interplay of light and shadow from the skylight appears as a constantly changing painting that keeps the living space lively throughout the day. This design as a whole is a startling experience to witness the ageing of the building, along with its surrounding nature and their entangled and timeless interaction.

Cube Square

  • Client : Prasanna
  • Location : Bengaluru
  • 2015