A fluid and open design truly in resonance with its multifaceted users, this office space is designed to facilitate an inspirational atmosphere keeping in tune with the concept, COLLAGE.

The studio is conceived as a single volume with minimal use of solid walls, thus liberating the spaces and encouraging visual connections. Right from the open multipurpose reception space to the main workspace, into the conference hall, each space flows effortlessly into the next, all physical barriers overcome by visual unity. The palette of grey and white brings into focus the colorful identities of the architects themselves, and is broken refreshingly by the landscaped courtyard, murals and graphics. The front fa├žade creates a bold impression and gives a vivacious identity to the space. The rotating bricks and the beer wall add a sense of playfulness to the studio. The outcome is a transparent space, instilling the essence of togetherness.

Collage Architecture Studio

  • Location : Bengaluru
  • 2011