Zonasha Paradiso is an unprecedented approach towards the typical row housing concept. The site being a well structured layout of town houses sits proudly along an exceptional streetscape of green where the villas add dynamism of perspective with their facade features and the harmonious composition.

Planned in a way to separate the vehicular and the pedestrian movements, the two access paths have been staggered at different levels where each house has an individual car park, obtained by going half underground. More emphasis is on the landscaped streets between the villas which form an interactive neighbourhood. At individual levels, the streets become larger pockets of interaction for the users, while the well defined frontage of greenery for individual houses acts as a verandah forming a smaller gathering space. Thus, the introduction of green spaces transcends a new perspective to the streets creating a dialogue between them.

Paradiso Townhouses

  • Client : Zonasha Estates and Projects
  • Location : Bengaluru
  • 2015