An abode of holistic living, this apartment complex strives to revive the lost concept of community living. This sanctuary, a breath of fresh air, is a neighbourhood carved out in an urban setting where people come together to celebrate life in all its glory. The idea of interactive living is captured beautifully by integrating outdoor spaces, thus facilitating collective culture.

Upon entering, the viewers are treated with an element of surprise that opens up into an intricately designed central space. Envisaged as an Urban Oasis, with water streams, green pockets and pedestrian streets this central courtyard attempts to carve paths for social encounters and gatherings.

The built blocks are oriented strategically and the volumes are explored by introducing double heighted balconies that magnify the aesthetics of the facade. Each unit is provided with an utmost level of privacy and equipped with balconies to furnish the majestic vistas of the green surrounding.

Avriti Apartment

  • Client : Rohan Builders & Developers Pvt. Ltd
  • Location : Bengaluru
  • 2011