The Centre is visualised to be an experience by itself. A journey guided by architecture and its elements, a path to sense the intimacy of the built with the un-built; breaking the chords with the outside, to feel the quietness and tranquillity on the inside. The idea was to build around the extant natural surroundings. Following, the irregular pattern created by the landscape yet defining a path is the approach taken for designing the Experience Centre.

The meticulously designed architecture guides the visitor through the complex. It offers the user with a unique and an enthralling experience that evokes one’s senses. The user is constantly drawn to the surroundings, thereby engaging one’s curiosity and interest.

True to the spirit of the design; the landscape is retained and captured within the built frames forming its own pocket of privacy and serenity, creating a unique and tranquil ambience which eventually unlaces into the labyrinth of frames allowing the onlooker to seek the pleasure of the outdoor picturesque.

Akriti Experience Centre

  • Client : Rohan Builders & Developers Pvt. Ltd
  • Location : Bengaluru
  • 2016